40M KY6R Antenna “Shoot Out” – Initial Test Results

Just two American “Presidential Hopefuls” dueling. Some things never change . . . 

I just got home from a week in Montana, Idaho and Washington (Spokane) and “magically” my DX Engineering DV-40-P worked. I am sure its an intermittent connection of some sort, and luckily, Bill, ZS6CCY was able to do some serious on the air testing with me. I also did several tests with hams in Texas and Florida – all within the path to Bouvet. I also heard V51B and even ZS8Z, so it was  great test. An LU would have been great, but this was a “good enough” first test for sure.

The Mod Bob is consistently 1 dB better on receive than the DV-40-P, but the noise level is higher. HOWEVER, on transmit, I have been told that I am 1 S unit better on transmit (consistently) in South Africa, but the DV-40-P is consistently several S units better in all USA stations along that same path (above on the map).

There is no real risk in any of this – I hope to test ZS on the long path tomorrow morning, but as I have mentioned, when I work 3Y0Z, it will most likely be SP on 40, 30 and 20M.

The Wellbrook ALA1530LNP received ZS6CCY very well and with low noise. 

I will go check the connections tomorrow on the DV-40-P and will leave it up for a while (since it hasn’t hurt anything and as they say “you can’t have enough antennas).

I think 40M will be THE band for 3Y0Z, so maybe having options is the best way to go.

But I also need to gather more “data points”. I’d love the Mod Bob to simply win hands down, but before I take anything down, I better make sure its a good move.

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