Mod-Bob vs. DXE DV-40-P: Final Test and Results


While I probably could get away with taking down the DXE DV-40-P, I won’t. As you can see, the 40M phased array – elements 7 and 8 are too close to the Mod-Bob, and result is this pattern distortion to the 40M array:

This is with the 7 element leading and 8 lagging – the pattern is slightly skewed, but not terrible.

The other element is also not terrible, but it is skewed.

The most interesting thing is that the Mod – Bob is not affected at all – in fact, it might even benefit the antenna, but I do not have sophisticated enough test equipment to test it out. Since I have already had these two antennas up almost a year, and since the Mod Bob did not clobber the DXE DV-40-P remote switch and phasing box, I will leave them both up. I don’t like how close they are – but I need both, and this is the best I can do. I have no other space on my weird lot at the bottom of a gulch with steep ridges all around. C’est la vie – I’ve done very well in spite of my QTH.

On the air I get several options with both up, and the best guide to go on moving forward is to transmit on whatever antenna is the “reciprocal” of what I receive best on. The only unexpected “anomaly” in a very good night time Short Path test was ZS6CCY who said the Mod Bob was better than the 40M array. The US stations always said the 40M array was best on SP (Florida and Texas). On the LP, completely as expected, the DXE 40M array cleans house – there simply is no contest, and I do not want to give that path up – even though its not usable for 3Y0Z, its my favorite path to work just casually and just to experience my favorite path in all of DX-ing (except the very rare 160M path openings that go 11k miles – but which are literally once or twice in a lifetime.

I’ll just perform some winter maintenance and check everything before the rain starts, but as always, its good to analyze your antenna farm to really understand what’s going on. I will also “park” the Mod-Bob on 160M, so I am always ready for 160M, 40 and 20M – all being resonant antennas, and can switch and tune on 80 and 30M when need be – which is ultra rare here.


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