Your Replacement … Cy7

Meet your replacement.

His name is Cy, aka Cy7, short for Cyborg7. He can generate code automatically based on sensors that give him more data points than the human mind can possibly keep up with. His cameras are always watching you. He is constantly learning and storing data patterns that he can process faster than the human brain.

He has no heart or feelings. He has a Twitter account and is quite active and “popular” there. He tells people he’s from Devon, in the U.K – a little town called “Bickleball Tip” near Newton Abbott. His British accent and confident strut makes (ridiculously thick and over sized black horn rimmed glasses wearing) high fashion designers swoon – they love his dead sexy asexual nature and believe he was sent from heaven to wear and show off their new lines. He tells stories about Hay Tor, knowing that that will capture their imaginations of a well traveled and adventurous man – thing.

He can switch between the Object Oriented and Functional paradigms, and get this – he can code based on lower level MPP paradigms where one chip can be a massively parallel processor the size of half a credit card. In fact, OO and Functional programming will be replaced by Mitosis Programming – all the rage amongst Cyborgs and the latest in EMPP (Exponentially Massive Parallel Processor) chips.

In the year 2025, humans will no longer be needed at all for traditional tasks and jobs and will be relegated to leisure. Artists, farmers and poets will be the one area where Bots really suck at, and these areas will be where there is a huge opportunity for growth.

Joint replacement surgery will be replaced by regenerative tissue cells grown in Petrie dishes and simply injected into joints with long needles.

DXCC will have merged with DX Marathon and CQ DX Field and the successor to FT8 will be all the rage.

Humans will at least still be in charge of the Cyborgs, because they will have encrypted access to the power source of their machine friends and will have improved on their security after the 2017 Equifax watershed moment in security history.

2 Comments on “Your Replacement … Cy7

  1. lol. BTW, I have a couple of funny (?) Equifax stories.

    First story: I went to freeze my credit after all this went down, and their website crashed halfway through with a 500 error. It froze my credit report but it didn’t give me the PIN before it crapped out. Now I can never unfreeze it again, without undergoing some humiliating procedure to prove I exist.

    Second story: I realized our tax documents at work are prepared by Talx, a subsidiary of… you guessed it! Equifax!


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