Autumnal Equinox Watch . .

While I enjoy the Vernal Equinox and the Summer and Winter Solstices, the Autumnal Equinox is my favorite. This Friday will be the Equinox for 2017.

This the highest rated (Beer Advocate) Imperial Pumpkin Ale – and I always have one bomber of pumpkin ale a year. I have never seen this in bay area stores, so will have to try another – maybe the Dogfish Head version.

There is an FP and a 5T on 160M, but I have an S6 noise level. The A is 17 and K is 2. Early this morning, I heard a few beeps and boops from FP, and he heard me and gave me a signal report – but I did not hear him come back to me.

I’ve been stuck at 87, with my last new on on 160M last July 7 – my only Top Band new one all summer.

Cheers to the Autumnal Equinox, and hoping to get to 100 this “DX Season”. I need Baker, and working them on 160M in June should be totally do-able. I’d love it if that were my last one on 160M and 9BDXCC – but I will need big luck for this to happen.

While I wait for DX to happen, I will have a nice weekend of tinkering. I will follow Mike, KJ4Z’s lead and get my new Asus Tinkerboard and KX3 running on FT8, and will see if I can get my Field Strength meter put together. Then I want to really dig into learning how to use my oscilloscope and signal generator.

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