The “Dirty Dozen”!

I’m now on a jag to get to 90 with only 10 left to go. T88XA was spotted this morning after my sunrise – so that’s one that should be easy. 5T5OK will require serious luck as I have not yet heard them, VK9XI starts up in less than 2 weeks, CT9 is a possibility, KG4HH another in October, VK9CI in October, A52SJ – doubtful – but you never know, V47JA mid October, 5L3BI maybe, VK9MA – probably, J5T – probably because these guys are amazing and I worked them when they were on Guinea, 9G5W – maybe. I’m going to say that I will work at least 8 this Winter, and with some luck more. Maybe Baker, KH1 in June could be my last DXCC for 160M and 9BDXCC? C’est possible!

I do believe that I will at least be at 90 with 10 to go sometime in October. Then it will really feel like I’m close. The best part is that 160M counter needs will exceed my lifespan, which means I will be a DXer for the rest of my life, its just that it will be very slow going, but I’ll take up the slack by continuing to experiment with Ham Maker stuff.

I’m loving my Mod Bob and Palstar BT1500A set up more and more as the days go by.

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