Countdown to Autumnal Equinox 2017

from NJ.COM . . .

At 4:02 PM EST, the sun will be directly over the equator – meaning there will be equal daylight and night time world wide.

I’m up with a cup of my favorite French Roast listening to FP/G3ZAY fade, and with high hopes that the T88 fires up soon. They are both in my grey line sights. Last night, I worked FP/G7VJR because my FP/G3ZAY QSO, while in the log was so weak. Last night, on peaks, Mike hit S9, which I am sure as good as it will get for my #88. The Mod Bob is easily the best Low Band antenna I have ever had. It does have that “magic”.

Since I can’t find any decent pumpkin ale anywhere (except Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin – which is decent but not killer), I will go with a very excellent Stout – Old Viscosity by Port Brewing to ring in the equinox.

Its a nippy 45 degrees right now – so it really feels like Fall.

Oh I forgot to mention (as promised) – I did lose 2 pounds during my trip to Montana, and that was visiting brew pubs every day. Now I am back home and on a paleo diet and riding my bike every day and back to limiting my beer intake. Can’t waste my “beer calories” on crummy beer – that’s for sure.

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