The KY6R Field Strength Meter

My take on the field strength meter is to use an old 1979 October QST circuit, but add a modern twist on the packaging and go with a clear Hammond translucent polycarbonate project box, 1591STCL.

the caps are .01 uf, the diodes 1N34A and the potentiometer 10K

The meter is a beautiful Simpson new old stock VU meter, model 7458.

I’m just waiting on a couple of 1N34A diodes to arrive.

2 Comments on “The KY6R Field Strength Meter

    • Very nice – and I am sure its the same circuit – simple and “elegant”. I’m just interested in a general reference as you are – walk around, set the meter in locations and send just enough power to then see where patterns and lobes are off an antenna. Since this circuit does not have an LC tuned circuit at the input, it should be very broad banded.


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