The KY6R FT8 Station!

My “second” station is 100% dedicated to all things Maker, Ham Maker and FT8. On the screen is WSJTX running on the Tinkerboard (huge thanks to Mike, KJ4Z for saving me a lot of time trying WSJTX on Raspberry Pi) and instead, going to the Tinkerboard – it truly smokes the Pi for apps like this.

The Tinkerboard is in front of the keyboard, and the KX3 and PX3 are just below the oscilloscope. This weekend I am hoisting a dedicated antenna for this second FT8 station – and it will either be a ladder line fed vertical dipole – hanging down from a giant spruce tree, or a 70′ wire vertical fed against 96 radials. I’m leaning toward the 70′ half wave vertical dipole because I think 40 and 30M would be perfect for FT8 – especially since it just might turn out that my only 3Y0Z QSO could be on FT8 – if conditions take a dump while they are on Bouvet.

But I’m doing this more because this is Ham Radio V2.0 all the way in this second station. Its 100% Linux (Raspian), QRP, Wire and ready to be combined with Maker projects.

The first station will be dedicated to Ham Radio V1.0.

So. I’m dedicated to the past and the future . . .


2 Comments on “The KY6R FT8 Station!

  1. Cool. I doubt it will be possible to get to honor roll with a seriously compromised station but I bet within a year or two we’ll see some people who’ve made DXCC running QRP to an indoor antenna in their apartment and FT8. I think it will be very difficult but I think it is possible. And after all, HR is not the only worthy goal. If I were just starting today instead of 1994, I might be all about the “less is more” micro-station and pleased to work what I could with practically nothing.


    • I’ll bet FT8 can help advance the art and science of Propagation and the Solar weather. I’ll bet it might even shed light (bad pun) on cosmic rays and their influence.


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