Why You Should Delete Your Social Media Accounts

You will be MUCH happier.

During the VK0EK DXpedition I thought I would try using social media channels Facebook and Twitter as way to do free advertising and to create a buzz. I know it had some effect, and I figured since it was opt in, hams could follow and like and comment, and it was pretty cool.

The best thing that I did was introduce a WordPress blog during TX5K and then VK0EK. There, not only did I provide a daily buzz of news, I also wrote what I think were helpful articles like “How to work us”. WordPress was and still is awesome, and I still use it. I can moderate the discussion, and people can follow my blogs or not. It’s civil and I keep it that way.

Then the elections in 2016 and I was so bombarded with negative political ads. Prior to this I had grown sick of infighting at eHam and deleted my account, way back in 2014 or 2015.

Facebook and Twitter between VK0EK and the 2016 elections took a steep dive into a real online hate machine and cesspool.

And Twitter has become a daily megaphone of hate and also had it’s share of non Americans trying to disrupt our election.

I deleted both accounts last November, and I have to admit, I am much happier.

I do believe that there is something really wrong about Facebook selling ads to a foreign government bent on trying to disrupt our election. But much more than that, the political climate became so divisive and hateful that I no longer could recognize America anymore.

Was America Brave New World or Animal Farm. Or both?

Gladly, since deleting my social media accounts and just concentrating on my family, friends, work and hobby, the sun came back in and I can’t tell you how getting rid of “bad news channels” has made a difference.

In fact, in February I decided to start socializing in person more and almost zero online.

I highly, highly recommend this. You will feel happier for doing it.

2 Comments on “Why You Should Delete Your Social Media Accounts

  1. Hello Rich, still social media is a great advertisement for our blogs. My posts links are automatically posted at twitter as soon as I publish them and I might even attach a hashtag. But reading or looking at twitter…..actually never. Facebook and Google+ the same, I post my blogpost link at the relevant groups but barely look at posts in facebook itself. I think the problem is the overwhelming (negative) information can be addicting for people, they don’t want to miss and want to be the first to know. That’s why social media takes so much time. And you are not going to be happy with all the info. But hey, most of my readers come from facebook en google+ so I stay on. 73, Bas

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  2. I agree – and used to cross post the link on social media. The problem for me is that here in the USA – since the run up to the elections last year, the politics of hate have engulfed social media to the point where I got to the point where I decided to protest hate by deleting my accounts. The USA has fallen for interference in our way of life by Twitter and Facebook allowing those who wanted to disrupt our society by pitting even family members against each other.

    I hope others in other countries don’t have the problem we have here.

    I’ve decided my blog and getting on the air with ham radio are my best forms of social media. Ham Radio is the best Social Network besides getting out and meeting people face to face!

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