Rig Runner 4004 USB

I have two old Rig Runners that I have used since 2001, and now with the second “Ham Maker / FT8” station, I need a power distribution solution and the 4004U is perfect for my needs.

It has four 12V ports plus two 5V USB ports, so this covers what I need on the Maker Desk with spare ports.

Once I receive this – I will get on FT8 – probably this weekend.

2 Comments on “Rig Runner 4004 USB

  1. Hello Rich, I think it takes courage to come out of your comfort CW zone and try FT8. I’m curious if you like the action as FT8 is a speedy. I had my doubts personally but since FT8 is were the DX is you have to be there (you can only work DX if you’re on the air). What band can we look for you in the weekend (if you receive the rigrunner in time)? The pile-up to work KY6R will be huge 😉 73, Bas


  2. Heh heh. I do have very nice QSL cards – and need to send them out. Maybe FT8 will make me lot more active since I mainly am an SWL only because my main activity has been DXCC on the air and Tinkering with electronics and building antennas. VK0EK and TX5K kept me busy too.

    My wife and I will go on a long bike ride Saturday, so I expect to be on the air with FT8 using the KX3 late Saturday – meaning Sunday EU time. One thing about FT8 that I am very excited about is learning when a band is open where you might not know it by tuning for CW and SSB. FT8 can be both a way to make QSO’s and a wonderful propagation alerting beacon!

    I even expect that when the sunspot cycle takes a nose dive that we will be able to stay more active during the low times.


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