Pacificon 2017

I will be presenting during the Pacificon 2017 Antenna Forum on Friday, October 20, from 3:30 – 4:30, and my topic is “Low Band DXing Antennas”. I will start with a survey of all of the low band antennas that you should consider for DX-ing on the bands 160 – 30M, and I will include transmit as well as special receive antennas.

The presentation will feature the Mod-Bob – including the URAT . . .

And will also cover the DX Engineering DV-40-P 40M array:

I will also go over the results of my year long receiving antenna study . .

I initially was signed up to give a second presentation – on the URAT, but I was bumped off the Saturday schedule. SO, instead of doing a maker-ham presentation, I will simply combine the URAT in my antenna presentation. That works out fine because after trying to submit an article to the ARRL for the URAT for QST – it was rejected because I had emphasized Elecraft’s KPOD and Palstar’s BT-1500A antenna tuner in a way that I guess they felt pushed products too much. They said if I were to re-cast that article using all home brewed parts – then they would be interested. They did say that they were very interested in the Mod-Bob antenna though – and they are considering my article on that topic as we speak. I’ll let you know if they accept that article.

Anyway, what I learned is that even though the URAT project is a really great “maker ham” story, I can see why it didn’t get the traction I had hoped for. Its a bit too “esoteric”, maybe even a “weird” idea. I don’t think many people think out of the box that way, and I can see both the ARRL and MDARC’s passing on that presentation and article. I also had no one contact me for the URAT code – so in the end – it was just a really superb personal learning experience that I am still very fond of.

But hey – the Mod Bob antenna project has lots of interest, and its a very “approachable” and straight forward low-band DX-ing antenna – and I can see for sure why it would easily get traction and the URAT not so much. Here is my presentation:

Low Band DX Antennas

Anyway – hope to meet you at Pacificon. This year, for the first time ever – I’m presenting at the end of the day and will be at the QA session – which I have never done before since for about 10 Pacificon’s I was usually the first or second speaker and never hung around all day.

Let me know if you plan on attending – maybe we can go out for a few beers afterward.

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