On Second Thought . . .

I spoke a little too soon yesterday. I “mused” that maybe Makers are a bit more “Open” to approach hams than Hams are to Makers. This is true – but after thinking about it – its necessary.

After posting on the MAKE: share web site – I realized that the Maker community is expansive – and that Electronics is just one sub genre in the Maker World. This means that Ham Radio would be an even more niche part of the Maker Community – so to expect the two to communicate on the same level is silly. Ham Radio is about two levels deeper and more “specialized” than the Maker Community at large.

I just opened the November QST magazine (electronically of course!), and there was my “Letter to the Editor” about hams and Makers getting together and maybe having the ARRL collaborate with Adafruit, run by “Lady Ada”, AC2SN. The ARRL likes this idea, and they also had several Maker – Ham projects – all look really great, and all would have a much larger appeal than say the u.RAT. So I learned a lot in just the last 24 hours, and while I spoke too soon – the learning was very good.

I have a better perspective on it now.

Happy Friday!

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