160M: The Long and Winding Road

The first week of October has passed, and the last “new one” was on September 19 – so I guess that’s close enough to my first and only “Fall 2017 Top Band New One”. Before that it was July.

For the first time I am hearing VK9XI – ESP, but enough to get his call. I have to use the DX Engineering DV-40-P 40M phased array because it has less noise than the Mod Bob on RX, The Wellbrook ALA1530LNP has noise right now – and so I will wait and see. Maybe I’ll have to wait for a “sunrise bump”. Oh brother – the CQP contest has someone CQing right on top of VK9XI. Ugggh.

I’m sure if I lived on the East Coast I would have had 160M DXCC and 9BDXCC a long time ago, so in a way, I guess I have to be happy that I’ve been able to work 88 on 160M – and that I have this long and slow challenge. At this pace it will be 2019 before I make 9BDXCC and DXCC on 160M. At that time I expect I will only need Glorioso to earn Top of Honor Roll, so I’m guessing FT5/G will be activated at yet another absolute bottom of the cycle. I will make arrangements this time – to snag that last one. But geez, this is more boring than watching paint dry.

There have been several small DXpeditions that advertised 160M, but which haven’t come through at all – and I have experienced this before. I guess this is the pace of DXing for me until Bouvet, 3Y0Z hits the air waves – and I am going to guess that 3Y0I will not be an October surprise after all.

DXing is so slow here these days I’ve asked a friend to email me if 3Y0I does activate – because I haven’t even looked at a cluster spot for anything but 160M in a long long time – I think since VK0EK.

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