The “Bouvet Bump” Continues . . .

The latest NOAA Sunspot Cycle Progression plot showing data through September, 2017, continues with the good news – that the cycle has a nice little uptick even at this low point in the cycle. FT5ZM was active at the peak of this cycle – and it looks like 3Y0Z might get a respite from the downward march of Cycle 24.

Conditions have been quite good lately, actually. I am hearing ZS night and day on 40M, so that’s very encouraging. I did hear VK9XI barely – but not well enough to call, but still, that’s a pretty far away station, and I was able to switch from a noisy antenna to one that made the difference between hearing them or not. That confirms that my RX antenna project a year ago did deliver on the promise of having several “guns” in my RX arsenal. They are going to Cocos-Keeling next, and I also expect that they will be unworkable. But you just never know on Top Band.

Fingers crossed that the 3Y0Z continues with this lucky trend.

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