Major 160M Opening

The most interesting part of this image is how much closer R1FJ, JW, JX, OX and TF look than on a flat map. In fact, they are not that much farther than FP was, which was my last new one on Top Band, and where FP was very loud here. This is a very good omen . . . 

I’ve only been chasing 160M seriously for about the last 3 years. Before that, I would load up some 80M antenna on 160M if there was a crazy good opening, but it was just a band slot QSO and that was when I still chased DXCC Challenge.

Last night, the Great Top Band God Pumptallica delivered – not for me, but for those in Washington and Montana, and parts of Oregon. There was the best opening between Scandinavia and the West Coast that I have seen in my short 160M “pursuit”. It also included quite a few EU countries as the night progressed, and it went from about 0336 – 0600z.

The A was 3, K was 0 and SSN was 0, with no storms, so conditions on paper sure looked good.

For a short time in that time frame, even stations like mine were proclaiming “First 160M EU”.

The Top Band God, Pumptallica

So, here’s to Pumptallica that I get my first EU QSO on 160M. If the band is changing that way for the West Coast, then it could open up some serious doors for me.

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