RI1ANO and 3Y0Z

RI1ANO has been tearing up 30M tonight – solid 599+ and working the entire US. 3Y0Z is 2000 miles farther and more SE, but since its a water path, I doubt that will be a big deal. We were both right in the grey line when I worked him, and it sure was a major pipeline.

SSN = ZERO, K = 4, A = 4 with some solar storm

South Shetland is almost 100% water path – I am only about 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean, so I will bet the first hop hits salt water and that’s how it goes all the way along the path – crossing the terminator as well.

With 3Y0Z, the path will go over part of CE and LU, but it also will be mostly a water path. ZS8M was tricky, and VP8’s were easy, so with Bouvet being in between – but with 3Y0Z in the terminator the same time the West Coast is – I am getting pretty happy about the possibilities.

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