A New Man

I mentioned a while back that I was starting a new regimen to lose weight which will take the weight off my knees.

I more than double my cycling mileage to 60 – 70 miles a week, and have switched to a mostly Paleo diet.

I lost 8 pounds then hit the plateau.

So, I’ll kick it up a notch and lose the beer and start yoga on Monday.

I’ve learned that once we get past a certain age, you have to work extra hard to try to stay near your weight and fitness level.

I pretty much knew I’d have to go this route, and I’m staying honest with my self and going to kick it up a big notch.

2 Comments on “A New Man

  1. You are a man with drive and great strength…if you can get guys to VK0, you can lose the weight!
    GL, Elliott, N6PF


    • Hello Elliot! I’ve learned that I can’t get away with what I used to take for granted. Metabolic change happens and I’ve learned it’s time to get serious about adjusting to it. But it’s one of the rare things where you win by losing!


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