Autumn in Orinda

Fall colors are only now just starting to show – its at least 1 month later than last year, which after 5 years of drought offered some spectacular colors. Its too early to tell – our peak is at Thanksgiving.

There is a scraggly Liquidamber on the side of our house that ends up having some of the most interesting multi colored leaves.

The best thing about riding my bike to and from BART each day is that I get to see some nice fall colors along the San Pablo creek. The creek also has a very cool “draw” – that you can feel as you ride alongside it. Last night we received almost 1/4″ of rain, which is a huge relief, because I live in an area that could have easily burned like the Napa and Sonoma areas did up in wine country – about 1 hour north of here. We also had strong and hot dry “diablo” winds, but I think the difference is that they had some gusts up to 75 mph and that knocked over power poles which triggered fires. The wind then carried burning embers all over the place. I’m hoping last nights rain really marks the beginning of our Fall and Winter rains – and as I understand it – the long range forecast is for average rainfall – which would be perfect. I’d rather not have the deluge we did last year, or the drought we had for so many years leading up to that. Average would be just right!

As I have done all year – I start writing a diatribe about politics and then delete those posts. I have never witnessed the decline of the USA as I have seen it since the current administration took over. Its very, very dark and dystopian. It literally is the junction of Brave New World, Animal Farm, A Clockwork Orange and 1984. I am hating ALL politicians – they are ALL less than useless. So many are already writing about this – I will again refrain except to say thank God for the comedians. I think my favorite piece so far is this one:

Usually Stephen Colbert gives me the last best hope for America these days, but this is an amazing masterpiece . . . And the ONLY other hope I have is this administrations incompetence. Our government is truly the worst reality show ever. We are getting close to the end of the year, and I’m starting to reflect on the year. The worst of times has been the politics and the natural disasters. Its just been so sad and bad. Tragic is an understatement.

But on the positive side, this year has been the absolute best year for me professionally. Credit Karma is the best place I have ever worked in my 36 year IT career. I’ll get into this more at the end of the year when the year digits change.

The Maker and Ham Maker / Hobby aspect of my life has been one of the best years. DX-ing has been a total bust, but my antenna farm and getting ready for the low bands has been superb – I just need more opportunities on Top Band, but I guess this is how it goes when you are 12 away from DXCC and 9BDXCC. It just takes a lot more time than even 80M DXCC – which previously took the most time. 3Y0Z is the big excitement – so there is something very big that I am looking forward to.

Selling my car and using my bike commute – and yoga has been fantastic. We have yoga right at work, and I started going twice a week, which between that and the cycling, I’m back on track exercise wise. The family is doing well, and my younger son started his last few years at UC Santa Cruz, so that makes me feel great.

Montana was great.

Gardening has been great this year too – so it truly has been the best of times and the worst of times. I’ll do a full on year in review later, but today I am looking forward to Pacificon and I have several people who are attending today’s Antenna Forum – and there is a LOT of interest in the Mod Bob. I’m psyched and report on how it goes.

Shout out to Tom – K8BKM – thanks for the Radiogram!





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