VE2CV Grounded Loop vs. Inverted L

I would guess that the Inverted L and Grounded Loop would be about the same on 160M.

It has more gain and a better take off angle on 80M

It has about the same gain as the Inverted L, but better take off angle. Its a moot point though since I have 40M already covered

Same on 30M

I am not showing the Inverted U in the plots because the only band where the Inverted U looks good is on 40M – where it shows as a half square – which is 4.1 dBi gain. This is actually useful, because the plot of the broadside gain for the DX Engineering DV-40-P is only 1 dBi or so.

So I think I am going to use my Mod Bob end supports and convert it to a switchable grounded loop and Inverted U. This combination gives at least as good – or better – gain and take off angle than the Inverted L.

Since DX-ing has been abysmally boring lately – I’m glad I now have an interesting antenna project – and about 1 month before it starts raining in Northern California.

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