Benefits of Son of Mod Bob

There are several things that will be big benefits from Son of Mod Bob:

  1. I will remove the center element which is way to close to my 40M vertical array. This will eliminate the distorted 40M pattern
  2. I will no longer turn on the Trane HVAC when I transmit at full power
  3. I get three antennas in one, a half square on 40, Inverted L on 160 and grounded loop on 80. 30 will be great on all three of these configurations
  4. I will have an automated remote antenna tuner. I never got around to mounting stepper motors on my Palstar BT1500A, which is a good thing. My uRAT prototype becomes my remote tuner
  5. I can sell the BT1500A
  6. Almost all of the wiring is already in place, meaning this is a one day project. I have 96 buried radials and tie points and even several wires that can be used as a solid grounded loop connection (instead of counting on buried radials that could be compromised over the years. I do have gophers under the radials

Its always good to assess the pros and cons of a project. There are absolutely Zero down sides – which is always nice – when you do a benefit analysis sometimes there are trade offs.

Pacificon and this blog have sparked this next phase of my low band antenna pursuit. The Mod Bob was up about 10 months, and I learned a lot, and now I take the next step.

A little creativity goes a long way!

2 Comments on “Benefits of Son of Mod Bob

  1. I see Palstar now sells three roller inductors– 20, 26 and 28 uH. Which one are you using in your L/C network with the 600 pFair variable? And is your L/C circuit parallel or series?

    Great talk at Pacificon


    • Thanks Ed – its the 28 uh model. Their parts are very nice. I also have a Comet vacuum variable capacitor that I might use – I will be experimenting this weekend.


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