160M DXCC: #89 – V26B

Top Band is a nostalgic band – it being just above the AM Radio Band.

This one was a really tough one. He was very strong, but rumor has it his Beverage antenna was pointed NE, and he wasn’t working anything out West. He did hear me as KW6R, but I think he did get my call right in the end – although (and of course) he took a deep fade at the point where he seemed to finally get it. This when I wish we were using CW . . .

This unequivocally proves that even though my antenna needs a tweak today, its getting through when contest stations out west weren’t – which is pretty awesome. I also was hearing very weak stations come back to big stations like W0AIH where he didn’t hear them come back to them – which also proves that my DX Engineering DV-40-P is an awesome RX antenna. At some point, after I make #1 HR, I will just use that antenna as an RX antenna on top band.

I was surprised when at least 3 other really big gun contest stations were completely missed and seemingly ignored. I must have timed it just right. He did stick with me for a while though, so even if it is a busted call, I do believe this one will count. I will keep trying – and hope for better conditions soon.

There is at least one other contest station where I need it as a counter (9Y), so I might get to 90 this weekend. Fingers crossed. Maybe tonight or tomorrow morning? I’m up just through their morning “enhancement”, then back to bed.

I will be out back in a few hours finalizing the outdoor portion of my Top Band TX antenna project, and I’m sure will get the control box and final code tweaks done this weekend. If I am really lucky, I will end up with only one component –  roller inductor as a hairpin match.

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