Urat and inverted l

I now have the antenna in this configuration (128 feet total length), and also have the u.RAT ready to be set into it’s waterproof box and wired up.

The fancy schmancy u.RAT control consoleĀ 

Because I have a shorter antenna with the far end up off the ground, 160 tunes well, but 80M now tunes at a 3:1, so I will probably have to change my wiring at the feedpoint a bit. The SPE amp with built in tuner handles it just fine – but I liked how easy it was to tune the Inverted U yesterday … But I’m going this route to get 1 more dB and a lower takeoff angle. Its worth some extra work.

Ed, AG6CX stopped by to pick up the Palstar BT1500A tuner – and we had a nice chat. Ed has built some really awesome antenna tuners and shares my love for matching antennas and with high power. He gave me an amazing coil – who knows – I might put it into service tomorrow to get this 160 / 80M match to sing.

For tonight’s contest on 160M, I’m tuned up and ready to roll. I’m praying conditions are better tonight and tomorrow morning – so I can get a really solid V26B and 9Y QSO and get to 90 with confidence.

Tomorrow I will take measurements with the AA-30 and see what’s going on. I need to see what the impedance is on 160 and 80 and also see the SWR curves to hopefully see that they are narrow banded. This will ensure that my radial field is not an earthworm warmer.

I will try these things:

  • Classic LC tank circuit
  • Other LC combinations
  • Just a series capacitor or inductor and on both antenna and radials
  • Roller inductor as hairpin match
  • Add in a static inductor somewhere – or even a doorknob cap somewhere

It is very interesting what happens when parts of your antenna are close to ground. This was a more radical change than I expected, but it does show how critical the effect of your ground is on your antenna(s).

Happy Halloween – bring on the Witch Hunt, and burn them at the stake!

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