160M DXCC: The Last 10!

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday the weather really changed and it really felt like an honest to goodness Autumn day. There was that “nip” in the air, and cycling was especially nice.

Now that I have hit 90 entities, I’ve broken a psychological barrier – and I almost feel like the last 10 might happen faster than I expected. I just noticed that many more DX-peditions that will have 160M, in fact, there are 9 that I need on the calendar before the end of the year. Its not usual that I end up working everything listed that says they will be on 160M – because sometimes there are no shows, and in several cases I never end up hearing that station when they are on. But I had three chances at working an ATNO on Top Band this week, and I did work 2 – V26B and PZ5K. So – lets say my chances are 66% – that means I could be up to 95 by New Years Day. The other good news is that there are many that are unannounced, and many that show up during a contest. There were 6 possible new one’s this past weekend, and while this weekend had crummy conditions for CQ WW SSB on 160, before and after, conditions have been great.

I’m also seeing that the ADXO calendar gets filled more as we get closer to the activation time. For example, there are only 3 listed that I need that will activate in 2018, but I am sure there will be at least twice that many.

This means it is possible that I could get to 100 by the end of the year (with a minor miracle), more likely by Spring or next Fall. But I predict I will make 9BDXCC and DXCC on 160M in 2018.

Imagine if this happens and I also bag 3Y0Z (a good probability). Then my only goal DXCC wise would be to make my last DXCC QSO – Glorioso. That would be oh so sweet.



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