Dios de los Muertos

Yesterday we had the best Halloween party at Credit Karma. I felt like a kid again – kudos to our wonderful Events Team – they knocked the ball out of the park!. What an amazing company to work for – I’ve been at CK for 8 months and just love it.

The Inverted L with home brewed remote tuner at the base has a wonderful distribution SWR curve. Its PERFECT for my needs

I found that I can tune the antenna at the base and shift the SWR curve so that my SPE Expert 1.3K FA amplifier then finishes the tuning just perfectly in the CW portion (and even the lower portion SSB) of 160M (and the SSB portion of 75M, and that’s perfect since 99% of my work is in the CW portion of the 160M band, and then I check into that nightly 75M SSB net as well – just for fun.

Because I rarely use 80M CW – and if I did it would be 10 minutes to go out and manually tune – the need for the u.RAT goes away. The u.RAT most definitely  would have been needed on the Mod Bob to tune 4 bands and across each of 160, 80, 40 and 30M.

Speaking of the Mod Bob – if you want all 4 of these low bands and can accept that the antenna will work DX and domestic stations – albeit a little bit of a compromise – then the Mod Bob is a GREAT antenna – the only one that I have come up with that can do this (without requiring a good radial field). A good balanced tuner like the FABULOUS Palstar BT1500A is required. I have a funny feeling it would beat the old and very low loss Johnson Matchbox on 160M because if I remember right – they only cover 80 – 10M, but Ed, AC6CX says you can add some doorknob caps to compensate for that. I sure love those old Matchbox tuners – some gear is just classic and was so well done.

I’m very glad that the SWR curve above is what it is because it shows that my radial field is not terribly lossy. The kiss of death for using radials is if you end up with a broad banded antenna – especially on 160, and as you can see, this isn’t the case on any of the bands. 60M is covered too – but I have no interest in what is like a CB channelized band. If the FCC ever did that to any of the other bands, that would ruin ham radio for me.

Wow – FT5WQ/MM is very loud on 40M right now – and I worked him easily. I wonder where he is? I already have Kerguelin and Crozet, so I am covered.


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