After 3Y0Z: 20M Yagi Becomes a 2 Element 30M Yagi (?)

By just adding coils in each of these elements and extending the boom to 12′, I can have an awesome 30M yagi. I have always really liked 30M – because it offers a “respite” from contests – which I m not at all interested in (unless I can get some 160M counters).

But during the deepest part of winter, 30M does act a little like 20M, but from my experience, 30M is usually at best more like 40M. I am a dyed in the wool CW guy who “tolerates” other modes – so 30M offers a CW bigot a great place to play.

One commercial antenna is the JK – 302:

I already know from having the N6BT DXU-32 that even a coil loaded “shorty” yagi on 40 or 30 would be at least 1 dB better than a 2 element vertical array – so its something to ponder.

Stay tuned – I’ve seen how excellent 30M can be today, so . . . .



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