Preparing for 3Y0Z

My homebrewed 2 element 20M yagi is not up high enough, and as a result of last weekends antenna work, I now have a spare Spiderbeam 40′ pushup mast. I can put this on my back deck and then get the yagi up ~50′ since the deck is 8′ off the ground. Its only 27′ up now. 

I also took down that center element of the Mod Bob, so now I can move the yagi to a better place.

Modeling seems to indicate that raising it that much higher will make a significant improvement in take off angle and add a little bit of gain too.

This my backup station – and while I also have the Elecraft KXPA-100 100 watt amplifier, I have found that my Expert SPE 1.3K only needs about 10w drive to get 1 KW out. I will order a cable that lets the KX3 drive the SPE amplifier. I also have the KPA-500 and KAT-500 in a closet, so I have all the backup I need. The 40M and 160/80M antennas are set, and on 30M, I can use one vertical in the 40M array.




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