Cycle 25: Post 3Y0Z Antenna Plan

Photo from the JK Antennas Website:

Once I work 3Y0Z, I am most likely going to swap the 20M monobnd yagi with this antenna. Here’s where we will be in the sunspot cycle:

Source Link:

The interesting thing about this blog and this chart is that it was done in 2010, and the “shape” of Cycle 24 and its peak turned out to be very much the same as Cycle 5 – with the second higher peak and then this “knee” that we are seeing now – just in time for 3Y0Z.

I have read several blogs from respected solar / propagation enthusiasts where they believe Cycle 25 will be very similar to Cycle 24, which is better than the previous prediction that it will be half as good as Cycle 24. One thing that I wouldn’t be too surprised about is that the bottom of Cycle 24 ends up being much longer than last cycle – as you see in the graph above. In fact, I am willing to bank on the fact that 20M will be dead for years starting about 2019 and going for 2 – 3 years. This is where I think 30M will look a lot more like 40M, and just like the bottom of Cycle 23, will be the “saving grace” as far as DX-ing is concerned.

The biggest upside is that we will have 2 – 3 years of GREAT Top Band conditions, so if you don’t have your Low Bands covered antenna wise – you will be sitting in a very sad place.

I’ll be retiring sometime during Cycle 25, and I’m hoping that I can avoid the double knee replacement surgery that I need. I’m hoping they come up with a less invasive procedure where I won’t be out of work and the picture an entire year – but that event would most likely happen right as I retire. I’m going to retire (hopefully) in Bend, Oregon, and plan on having a decent simple low band antenna like the Mod Bob – with no radials. This means my Orinda home is where I will have the last yagi and last vertical system with radials.

So, its interesting to think that this up coming Solar Cycle is my last in the SF Bay Area, and the last where I can put up whatever antennas I want. I will avoid an HOA neighborhood like the plague, and if this means I have to put a stealth wire in the trees, so be it. The Mod Bob (or perhaps a loop of some sort) can be done using just wire in pine trees – something prevalent in Bend.

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