160M November Possibilities

Its the possibility of working a new one on 160M right now that keeps me going in ham radio. So, what will be activated this month that I need:

  1. VK9MA – Mellish Reef – they started today on 160M, but are just below the noise – popping up every now and then. I do expect that there will be time to work them – and might have to happen at my sunrise. (UPDATE: they are still weak at our SR, but he was pretty strong up to 1/2 hour after sunrise)
  2. J5T – Guinea Bissau – the Italian Team is quite amazing – they gave me 3X last year, one of only 3 African stations I’ve worked on Top Band. Fingers crossed – but conditions seem to be improving on 160M
  3. YJ0JA – Vanuatu – close to VK9MA – this will be interesting
  4. TO2SP – St. Barts – very possible
  5. 9G5W – Ghana – possible
  6. CQ WW CW – there are about 4 that I need that should be on 160M, possibly more

Last night, many were working Scandinavian and Northern EU on 160M. There was one CA station – N6ED who worked a few, but the opening was north and east of here. I did hear a few beeps and boops – so the progression toward good 160M conditions is surely underway – its more than just a freak occurrence – I have now seen enough days with great openings, its only a matter of time when I will work my first EU on 160M. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens this month – so this is a very, very exciting possibility. This is my wildcard that could blow the whole thing open. My RX antenna is really awesome, and now so is my TX antenna. I couldn’t be in a more better place.

There are enough being activated on 160M to almost get to DXCC, but its not easy in any case. However, this Winter could very well be my Big Year on Top Band. I am starting to think I can have this wrapped up by the time KH1 – Baker is on the air.

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