Matching 160M: The Challenge Continues

All of a sudden, in a CW pileup this morning, my amplifier kept faulting – the SWR started creeping up. Since I have all of the components to make the same T circuit as a Palstar AT5K, I might try this. I have the space in the cabinet and its an easy task, so I will try to get this done after work tonight.

But I will try one thing that I did before. I found with the Mod Bob that if I had my 160 and 40M antennas plugged in to adjacent ports on my Array Solutions Ratpack switch that I’d get SWR faults. I’ll have them as far physically apart as I can, so hopefully that’s all it is.

VK9MA was pretty strong after sunrise for a half hour, so I have to get a circuit that behaves better.

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