3Y0Z and Inverted L as an All Band Antenna

With the High Pass Tee tuner at the base, I can easily switch the tuning of the Inverted Vee to work on all bands. This is great because it gives me bands that I wasn’t bothering with with 3Y0Z. I have concentrated on 160 – 20M, and want ONE QSO with 3Y0Z. Once I’m in the log, I’m done. The 3Y0Z web site has nice propagation predictions, and while they hve to be taken with a grain of salt, its important to think in terms of probabilities. https://www.bouvetdx.org/propagation/

The site shows 80, 40, 30, 20 open with 20M the best and 40M second best. I have two elements on each of these bands. I had been thinking anything above 20M would be a waste of time, given that we are almost at the bottom of the cycle, but the site says that 17 and 15 might have very short openings, but decent propagation.

The West Coast had a big advantage on Top Band for FT5ZM and VK0EK, but this time around, the West Coast will have very nice openings on 160M because we will both be in the grey line at the same time – but competition from the East Coast and EU will be fierce – much more than with the aforementioned.

The Inverted L wont be great above 30M, and because 20 and 40M will be the “money bands”, I can see me getting one QSO on 20M nd an insurance QSO on 40M.

The low bands will have a great grey line during our evening. Once EU and the East Coast gets theirs, we should be in great shape.

On 20M and above, the high bands will be dark when the US has daylight and at the end of daylight on Bouvet. Since the high bands go quiet just after sunset in the Northern Hemisphere and stays open longer in the southern hemisphere during their summer, we will have good conditions and probability to work them.



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