Palstar AT5K Equivalent at the Base of my Inverted L

I have all of the Palstar components now in this T configuration at the base of my Inverted L, and it did have the characteristic of a T tuner, which is the three controls reach a sharp V as far as where the SWR goes low.

This was my previous circuit, and it caused core saturation in my 5KW Balun Designs 1:1 Current Choke. When I first tested this – it was short enough of a test where the cores did not saturate. I have no idea if the new AT5K equivalent circuit will withstand transmitting for lengths of time in a pileup without saturating the core again.

If anyone out there knows why this circuit would stress a three core 5KW 1:1 current choke, please let me know. I can only guess it’s high voltage or high current.

I do know that it was “too good to be true” that the antenna had decent SWR in the CW portion of 160M and SSB portion of 75M. I have never seen that and the Palstar BT1500A showed that 160 and 80 require very different tuning.

The tuner at the base now behaves this way. You tune for 160M, and have to retune for 80M.

I will find out tomorrow morning when VK9MA is on 160M again and I’m battling in the pileups – unless I get a surprise and something is on that I need. Fingers crossed!

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