The (Surprising) Path to 3Y0Z!

The Azimuthal map shows that my path to 3Y0Z is very close to the path to ZS – more than I originally thought. The orange line above “splits the difference” – its halfway between ZS an 3Y, which is great news.

This is a “close enough” path and during our sunset, look how it straddles the grey line. The interesting thing is that ZS is at 94 degrees and 3Y 130 degrees. I don’t really know how to project the beamwidth as it travels that far, but I’m sure with two elements its not critical anyway.

What I am most excited about is that I  say hello to Bill, ZS6CCY every single night on 40M with S9 +20 on average, and I know that this team is going to put out a big signal as well – plus they will be in a low noise environment with good take off angles. Even with Slakhallet in their way towards the West Coast, angles around the grey line are higher, so I expect that if all goes well, even with Zero sunspots, 40M should be pretty excellent.


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