Top Band Whack a Mole

The elusive Top Band QSO Mole . . . 

I’ve been up early hoping to work VK9MA, and I have heard them each morning – the first morning quite well after sunrise, but I had an issue with my matching circuit. The next day I fixed that after work.

Right now I’m hoping their signal will come up some so I can have a clear QSO – the worst is to think you made a QSO but aren’t sure. If they do stay on the island as planned, I will have 6 or 7 more mornings to try to work them – so I’m not panicking, yet. This is still way better than VK9MT – who were chased off the island. I hope this team gets to stay for the duration.

We have rain static this morning (S9+ noise on my TX antenna, but RX antenna seems OK), but I still hear them. I can clearly hear “Up 3”, but if he came back to me I’d be lucky to hear my call. We are half way through grey line as I write this, and I can only hope that we get what we had a few days ago – where he was the strongest up to 1/2 hour after sunrise.

DXCC on 160M is a real accomplishment from the West Coast, but more importantly, from my QTH surrounded by hills. I do need to work every Top Band activation between now and KH1 to make DXCC and 9BDXCC.

Until then, I feel like I am playing Top Band Whack a Mole, and I’m wondering how the hell I even made it to 90 – hi hi

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