ARRL International Grid Chase 2018

Wow – this going to be incredibly fun. I might do this using just 100 watts and FT8. In fact, I’ll bet FT8 steals the show on this one. The ARRL is genius in recent years regarding operating activities. The Triple Play, then NPOTA. I’ve struggled to not partake because I’m trying to wrap up DXCC.

But FT8 and this new Grid Square 2018 operating activity, especially using my KX3-Line might be too much not to get hooked. It will also be a lot more casual than DXCC.

Its like the CQ Field Award, but the ARRL is advertising it as a follow up to the highly successful NPOTA.

I think its pretty brilliant and will be a huge success.

2 Comments on “ARRL International Grid Chase 2018

  1. Rich – two questions:

    1. Do use a software 24-clock Gray-Path screensaver or map? If so, which one.

    2. Could you elaborate on your curvilinear trace on the azimuthal projection vs gray scale chart you published a couple days ago? I thought the azimuthal projection put bearings onto great circle.

    Ed McCann


    • I use DX Atlas as my 24 hour clock with greyline.

      Hmmm – not sure, but I know that DX Atlas says that my path to 3Y is 130 degrees, so I think there must be a curve if my heading 130 degrees. Otherwise, the path if it were a straight line would be more like 100 degrees, which I know wouldn’t be right.

      DX Atlas gives the proper LP and SP – I couldn’t live without DX Atlas!


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