3Y0Z: The Biggest Deal in Years!

There will be one part of the day where the US West Coast will have a major pipeline to 3Y0Z – 23z UTC:

So, you better believe that I will get my 20M home brewed 2 element yagi up 20′ higher! It should last a couple hours each day, and if the team says “West Coast Only”, then we should all get in their log.

40M will offer a great opening and pipeline – it might last a couple hours as well, and be just a bit weaker than 20M. There will also be the same kind of “spotlight propagation” as on 20M, but I’m guessing not quite as pronounced. I am sure the team will really need to ask “West Coast Only” here.

17 and 30 will have openings as will 80. There is even some possibility on the higher bands, but none of these comes close to 20 and 40M.

History will be on my side too – VU7RG and ZS8M are two that I worked on 40M on paths that were even more difficult than Bouvet. They also were in the Top 10 Most Wanted at the time, and both were considered as rare and needed as Bouvet – meaning there was as much – maybe more competition (many more people needed entities back then). There had been one tiny activation to Bouvet – 3Y0E, but his 1500 QSO’s didn’t make a dent. Interestingly enough, VU7 was about as rare as Bouvet is now. But I am very pleased to see that conditions were as “iffy” as they will be for 3Y0Z, and that my antenna for 40M will be the same and for 20M a bit better. So all roads lead to confidence here at KY6R.

3Y0Z should be the first ATNO I’ll make in just under 2 years, so you better believe I’m getting excited and geared up for this. I couldn’t ask for a better team, and if anyone can pull it off its this team.


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