Beautiful November

I used to think October was my favorite month, but I realize that here in Northern California, most of October feels like the final winding down of summer.

Wow, the colors this year are even better than last, but they are much shorter. They started much later and seem to be  in a hurry to drop off the trees. It’s a lot like an Ice Wine, where the last grapes or dry farmed tomatoes are picked, where they might not even seem as large or bright colored as previous fruits, but which have a rich, almost hearty rustic taste.

Our Ginko tree is just starting to burst into its bright yellow – gold color, and back in December 2012, just months before I made Honor Roll, (where the last of the gingko trees leaves were on my roof) did a video of the Diablo DXers and I launching a 40M dipole up 70′ into my trees (actually my neighbors trees without them finding out!).

That antenna garnered me my last ATNO towards DXCC Honor Roll – with Monk Apollo, SV2ASP/A.

Funny how the yellow gingko leaves make the perfect segue to my next blog post!

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