Mysterious Top Band

160M is a riddle wrapped in an enigma propagation wise. VK9MA has been quite readable for quite a few nights, but he calls CQ over and over and hardly ever returns someones call. I don’t feel too bad because I hear many others who have been trying to get him for a week now.

I’m sure his RX situation is not good – that seems obvious. When I worked ZL and VK on Top Band – they were in their homes, and I am sure they were avid Top Banders with great RX antennas. I worked an H40 in Temotu who was easy – and he was on a one or two person DXpedition, but I don’t think he was in a tent with generators. I heard that the generators were causing the team some QRM – so maybe that’s it?

But then there was FT5ZM and VK0EK – which were extremely rough QSO’s but I had more confidence in them than I do VK9MA. Its the “cadence” that tells me this – not the signal level. Its one of those times where you feel like maybe your antenna isn’t working – but I snagged the VP2 DXpedition in a couple of calls just the other night. I didn’t need Montserrat, but sure was happy when it was an easy QSO.

Because it feels so futile, I think I will just listen until I hear him coming back to 6’s. We just haven’t had a pipeline with this one.

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