160M: The Inverted “Fishing Hook”

My antenna now looks like some weird Inverted J or Inverted Fishing Hook (?). Its similar to the “AKI Special” antenna documented on page 9-72 of the ON4UN Lowband DXing Book. It is now 60′ tall at its apex, and then the wire trailing down skirts the very large Blue Spruce that its top wire is pulled up to. A year ago, the Diablo DXers helped me launch a rope in that very tall tree, and this time I used plastic covered guy  wire so the squirrels won’t eat it.

The vertical section of the Hook is a 41 foot Spiderbeam aluminum pushup mast – very heavy duty and mechanically and electrically bonded.

I’m pretty sure it actually has less of a horizontal component and is between an Inverted L and a vertical – which is a very good thing. It still has some, so it has a nice range of take off angles – where too low a take off angles would be bad for me down in my bowl QTH.

Its 121′ total, and is resonant just above the 160M band, which is no problem with the AT2K tuner.

You can see how the tuner will get stressed on 80M, but the other bands where the tuner will have a very easy time would be 60M, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10M.

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