Top Band Common Mode Quick Fix

I was able to move the top hat wire on the Inverted L so that it now heads East instead of North, which on 160M offers these benefits:

  • The direction will be better for working the last 10 that I need. It is a good path to the Caribbean and most of Africa, which are my “night time” Top Band direction. Using RBN, I’m very surprised how much difference it makes
  • The antenna is now father away from the house and where the 20M yagi will be moved to. It also is no longer in the near field of the 40M array – so all around the placement of all three antennas that I have are optimized for my small lot
  • I got rid of the tuner at the base of the antenna and am just going with the AT2K in the shack. The presentation I posted the link for yesterday has me convinced that the convenience of the tuner being shack based outweighs the (smaller than I expected) benefit of it being at the base

The only thing that it didn’t do is get rid of me turning on the HVAC blower when I transmit on 160M. Even at 100 watts! However, futzing in the back jarred my memory, and its no coincidence. This past spring – when we had annual HVAC maintenance, the tech replaced a condenser in the AC unit. Ever since he did that – I have had this problem. I am sure the condenser is acting like an antenna.

I solved the problem. I just turn the damn thing off! I will also attempt to add snap on chokes, but its kind of moot – because when the heater comes on – it trashes my radio on all bands. So – I will heat the house up for Kat and turn the damn thing off when I’m in a 160M pileup. Problem solved!

I have several things in the house that cause RFI, and have those all under control – so its a good feeling to know that I can at least get back on 160 and not have the AC bug my wife while she is sleeping!

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