Offa Rex

This is an amazing and “hauntingly beautifully” album.

We had a fantastic bike ride today – 35 miles, which is just enough for me to be considered “serious”. All along the ride I was hearing this album – with several songs taking their place in my mind as I looked at stunning fall colors of yellow, gold, red, orange, crimson, rust and anything else possible.

Last week I wrote about Widdecombe in the Moor – and that was triggered by hearing “The Old Church Yard” by Offa Rex.

The ride goes from Orinda through Lafayette and to The Forge in Danville – where we had one of the best thin crust pizzas and an amazing hoppy beer by Fieldworks of Berkeley.

The air was quite “snappy”, but the sun and fall light was just gorgeous.

Oh – and before we left I got the 20M yagi positioned and ready to go up in its new place. Tomorrow is antenna day this weekend!

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