TO2SP: Top Band #91

I was pretty confident I’d get this one – mainly because these guys are great operators and they would be there until the end of the month. In fact, they already seem to be getting bored. now I also see many West Coast getting through.

The signal was Q5, but not as loud as I would have expected. Conditions have been really weird on Top Band lately – last month I snagged two very easy one’s in succession and they were loud – now its a struggle even to work the stuff that should be easy. But I even hear J5T, but not with that “confidence” that makes you jump in the pileup.

The best thing is to hear your call come back very clearly – quite often you don’t get that on 160M – at least not with the really distant ones. Of course, now that I have worked him – his signal will come up and it will be so easy it will be a joke. In fact, his signal is now rising to the point where I can hear him through the noise on the TX antenna.


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