20M Yagi Ready for 3Y0Z

It’s only a couple months until the biggest DXpedition perhaps ever takes to the airwaves. My home brewed 20M yagi is up at about 30′, and when 3Y0Z fires up, I’ll have this Spiderbeam push up mast up to just over 40′.

The best combination of gain and front to back seems to be at about 40′. This is great because my mast goes to 41′ and its 6′ off the ground. I am being careful not to extend the top section all the way up, so all in all, I will end up pushing the yagi up to between 40 and 45′

Its really a great antenna. Once I work 3Y0Z with it, I will look into turning it into a 30M Moxon, but using aluminum all the way around.

The wingspan is the same as the 20M yagi – but I would need a longer boom.

About 1 dB less gain than the 20M yagi . . .

… but the Front to Back blows the 20M yagi away . . .

2 Comments on “20M Yagi Ready for 3Y0Z

  1. Cost wise and probably logistics wise – yes. I want ONE QSO, and will go for a second insurance QSO. Probably 20 and 40 – both CW.


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