Glorioso in 2020?

I don’t know if there are more than one French team that could possibly activate Glorioso, but if the team that is activating St. Brandon – 3B7 – does try to activate Glorioso (right now its #12 on the list), then it would be activated at the earliest in 2020. I say this because its nearly impossible to activate an expensive place in any less time than 2 years in between. The other big issue is that Crozet will be #2 on the list after 3Y0Z, so you better believe that there will be interest in activating that. I am sure P5 will have no big activation in the near or even medium future – that will stay #1 for a long time – sure glad I have that one.

If all goes well after 3Y0Z I will only need Glorioso. My predicament is that if it is activated during the bottom of the cycle – or later, I will have two problems. The first is that the reason I missed it last time is at the bottom of the cycle its nearly impossible to work that part of the world – unless they do a bang up job on the Long Path. The French team going to St. Brandon would be the right team with the right know how, but I’ll bet they are more interested in Crozet.

The second issue would be my retirement and move to a place where I won’t have the antennas I do now. Because of this – it makes no sense for me to hold on to my back up station – and after I make 9BDXCC and DXCC on Top Band – there is no reason to keep the SPE 1.3K amplifier. In fact, after 3Y0Z, I doubt I will need the 20M yagi. So, the things I will probably sell by next March are:

  • KX3
  • PX3
  • KXPA100
  • SPE 1.3K FA
  • 20M yagi plus a couple Spiderbeam aluminum push up masts
  • Palstar AT2K – since I have a KPA500 and KAT500 in the closet ready to resume their “K Line” position on the bench

With 9 more to go on Top Band, the big decision will be how long to hold the SPE amp. Since I only need 9 more, I probably could just use 500 watts to get there, but it would be silly to rush it.

Part of what I have to decide is what will keep my interest in ham radio, and DX-ing in particular. I will need a new challenge, but I also still love just listening as an SWL, so maybe my goal will be just to have fun and do whatever moves me with out chasing after wall paper of DXCC. Some things I know I won’t be interested in:

  • Contesting
  • DXpeditions
  • Awards chasing

One thing that makes this hobby so unique is CW. I also still have an interest in home brewing. There is a combo that could be fun – maybe building a cool 40M QRP rig and just seeing how low I can go. I also would love to get my CW skills back up to the speed I could send and copy as a teen – which was something like 35 WPM. Of course, I can turn down the power on the K3(+) and just use my favorite key to improve my skill.”

I’m sure 3Y0Z will crystallize my thoughts – I’ve been wondering “what’s next?” ever since VK0EK was over with.




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