Inverted L High Resolution Plot

I have not taken a new plot with my Rig Experts AA-30 since I changed the antenna from more of a traditional Inverted L to this “inverted fish hook” configuration, so I decided to set the range from 1700 – 15000 khz and see if its any different than the old configuration:

This the OLD plot – when the antenna was a standard Inverted L, and here is the new plot – this time just covering 160 – 20M:

There is a little difference, but not enough to make the antenna appear much different to the Palstar AT2K tuner in the shack – or to the 1:1 current choke at the base of the antenna.

I’m also going to send the plot to Bob at Balun Designs to see if maybe an UNUN might be a better choice than the 1:1 current choke. I doubt it will, but I thought I’d ask – since this is Bob’s expertise.

80M is the only problem band – and I’m thinking maybe I could use the 1:1 current choke on 160, 30 and other bands, but switch in a 1:2 UNUN for 80M.

I’ll update this post after Bob gets back to me. I highly recommend Balun Designs products – Bob is the nicest guy and builds superb quality products at a fair price.

3 Comments on “Inverted L High Resolution Plot

  1. Nice SWR; but an more interested in plot of Xs zero-crossing resonances at each low SWR.

    Can you post a shot?


    Ed McCann


  2. Would be interested in Plots of impedance Zs = Rs + jXs to see relationship between resonances at Xs zero crossing vs SWR if you have the time. Or post the csv file and I can run it AntScope from here.


    Ed McCann AG6CX

    Sent from my iPhone



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