The Ghost of Nixon Past . . .

Its downright Dickensian . . Karmaic Justice is about to be served up on an icy cold tray. But unlike Scrooge, or the Grinch, don’t expect Trump to grow a heart.

It is really amazing how close to what’s unraveling in the news today was nailed by Bill Maher and his crew. They deserve an Emmy or Pulitzer or whatever award they give TV shows. Its also amazing that Trump – with all his tweets pretty much gave it all away anyway – loose lips sink ships. His firing of Yates, Comey and Bharara was straight out of “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”, “The Soprano’s” or “Dog Day Afternoon”. House of Cards is waaaay too sophisticated and intelligent. Its amazing how such pathological narcissism can become your own downfall – not only is all this Dickensian, its Shakespearean.

One thing I know for sure – people don’t lie if they have nothing to hide. They don’t fire people investigating them.

Ironically, besides all of the Russia related news that will now pour out – the real serious issue is that Trump cannot do the job – he is so out of his league and incompetent that its time for him to go. My father suffered from dementia before he passed, and I took care of his affairs and visited him several times a week. The strange tweets regurgitating old tweets from a year ago about the Birther thing and Access Hollywood mixed in with all kinds of new weird tweets this week just seem like what I experienced with my father but times 100.

I would not be surprised if the 25th Amendment will be invoked because there is no way the GOP will have a chance during the 2018 mid terms if they do nothing or stand by Trump. Now I’m wondering who else will be nailed – it seems like there will be many indicted now.  Its going to be flip city.

I actually think what will now be a torrent of facts and dirty details will cause the GOP to have a very, very bad 2018. Of course, maybe Trump is their “foil” – maybe he runs interference for them. That’s OK – they will pay dearly for letting treason and collusion stand. We saw the seed of that sown just last month. In some ways I say – leave these assholes to their own devices, but the dems better get their shit together, and better get some young and very powerful blood up front. Their 80+ year old leadership is looking way long in the tooth.

I expect all kinds of weird tricks and legal maneuvers and Twitter rants and threats to happen in response, but its already too late – irreparable damage has been done. Politically, this has been the worst year of my life and I truly worried that our democracy was toast – but now I am thankful that justice might finally prevail. It may take way more time than any of us can stand.

My prediction on this tax scam for the rich – I think there will be as much blow back from it on the repubs as there was against ACA for the dems. Round and round we go. I also do believe we will have a repeat of the Bush Years. 

After 2 years of getting a tax break, the GOP takes it all back and more. The idiots in this country will put Trump on the right hand if God, knocking Christ and the Holy Ghost out and the idiots will then wonder what happens in 2 or so years when the well runs completely dry.

Get ready for that!



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