The KY6R Inverted L Switched Matching for All Bands

Schematic drawn by KY6R using Circuit Lab – an excellent web browser based tool.

I use the same relays as Array Solutions does in their gear:

Deltrol 20852-81 12v 35a DPDT – $13 at Galco

I went over the Rig Experts AA-30 SWR plot and found that on every band from 160-10M, one of three UNUN’s or 1:1 Curent Choke will keep the SPE Expert 1.3K amplifier happy. This means I wouldn’t need the Palstar AT2K – at least this works on paper. I just happen to have this control box in my junk box – where the RCS-4V remote switch burned up, but the Control Box can be re-purposed for this project:

Because it injected AC to control the remote switch – using the coax as the control line – I have to rework it a bit and probably remove a few parts or even cut some pads on the PC Board:

The rework . . . and here’s what the new (and simpler) circuit looks like:

Position 4 isn’t used – but could be used for another UNUN or Balun, maybe for a ladder line fed doublet that I might throw up in the trees – like maybe a 17M extended double zepp – pointed at 3Y0Z.

Array Solutions rates these relays at 5 KW- I’m not sure how they calculated that, but I have used these relays before on my Inverted V / Marconi switching, and since these re what Array Solutions uses in their Rat Packs for years with no issues, this will be a fun project to try.

I will have to come up with the voltage matrix. In short:

160, 40, 20, 15 DWN 1
80, 17 DWN 2
30,12,10 UP 3


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