3Y0Z and 40M (My All Time Favorite Band!)

At 1046z, which is 2:46 AM PST, I am hearing a station in the Orkney Islands, Scotland Q5.

As much as I like the challenge of 160M, after I make DXCC on 160 and 9BDXCC, and after 3Y0Z, I will no doubt hang out mostly on 40M. This is because like no other band – not even 20M, 40M is by far the absolute most interesting and most consistent DX band throughout an entire solar cycle.

It is very conceivable that when 3Y0Z is on the air, that the conditions will be similar to what they are today. I continue to work ZS6CCY every night on the short path with a signal of at least S9, many nights 10 or 15 over.

The SSN is about what it was during VK0EK, and I did hear and work VK0EK on 40M easily. I also did work them on 20M – both SSB and CW, and 160 and 30M.

I’m actually glad that we pretty much have an almost blank sun, because at least on 40M, we should do well on the West Coast. I do need to also monitor 20M more, but I just like 40M – there are only a few hours during the Winter days when there isn’t some interesting DX to work.

The big concern are solar flares and other propagation disruptors. A few weeks back, all bands seemed crummy. Let’s hope that doesn’t repeat for 3Y0Z…..

I also have been listening to the Orkney Island station on my Inverted L – and its pretty close to the DXE DV-40-P array switched to the NE – or SP direction.


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