3Y0Z to the West Coast on 17 and 15M

There is no doubt that you better have your antenna game on on all bands from 160 – 20M if you are on the West Coast and if you need Bouvet – 3Y0Z. In the above I plot a 66′ ladder line fed doublet up 50′ vs. my Inverted L. At first glance, the Doublet (which happens to be an extended double zepp (edz) on 17M and “close” on 15M looks like the clear winner).

The opening will be open maybe an hour max – and while it is most intuitively obvious that the edz kicks ass, the opening will be during the Bouvet grey line:

An interesting thing is that 3Y0Z is in the same “radio path” as the VP8’s were if you look at the width of the grey line. This bodes well for the West Coast since the VP8’s were easy to work – although the predicted sunspot number will be half of what the VP8’s had.

It will be just after Bouvet’s sunset and it is their summer. So – maybe this isn’t so bad. And during the grey line, the angles seem to favor the high angles. This means I believe having an EDZ and my Inverted L up gives EACH a 50/50 chance. That is also because 3Y0Z will be tucked in just over a glacier – and where high angles will be preferred. What I am saying is that the EDZ – while in most instances does kick the Inverted L’s butt, this might be an epic exception.

HOWEVER, if you look at the EDZ patterns, you get a low and a high lobe, which means maybe the EDZ would kill the Inverted L – throwing an EDZ up in the trees is easy.

I will have both up – and use that 4th Inverted L switching position available for an EDZ on 17M. It is clear that you really better have something up on 17 and 15 – but if you have to choose, 17M for sure.

Since the EDZ for 17M is “close” to being a 40M dipole – this gives me three band possibilities – 40, 17 and 15M.

Better to have one too many antennas than not enough, right?


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