December in California

I might have spent my early years on the East Coast, but I have lived in California for almost twice as long as when I lived in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Don’t get me wrong, I have very fond memories growing up in Newton, NJ and going to college in Lock Haven, PA, but the last time I was back east was 1991. I did go to Dayton this past Spring, so I did get close.

But I love the Western States and the West Coast the most. I’m also eternally greatful that my Father finally took that job at Lockheed in 1979 when he moved the family here.

Interestingly, I could have been born in Los Angeles. My Father, in  WWII, landed on the beach in Normandy on the third wave, fixed tanks and Jeep’s and ended up in the push to Stuttgart, where he was born.  When he came home from the war, he bought a Harley with dreams of heading for California. Kerouac was born The same year he was, so heading West was an  ambition for some in the Northeast at that time. Iam sure he would have ended up in LA, but after a serious motorcycle accident, stayed in NJ.

My Father was a machinist in the US Army, but that was only because he wasn’t allowed to join the Air Force – because he was born in Germany. Never mind that he immigrated when he was 4 years old. He did end up in the Aerospace business.

It’s a beautiful California Sunday morning, and it’s more like an East Coast Fall day. We are going on a nice 35 mile bike ride, and I’m musing about how I ended up here.

I feel blessed and very lucky to have landed in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Computer Science major out of college, and I am enjoying my career more than ever after all these years.

When I first moved here there were next to zero tech jobs in SF – they were all down in the real Silicon Valley, pretty much Santa Clara County. There weren’t even many tech jobs on the Peninsula yet.

Amazing how things have changed.

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