KY6R “Post 3Y0Z” Antenna Farm

At some time after 3Y0Z, 20 Meters will have fewer openings. Since I remember about 2 years during the last cycle – where the band never opened, I’ll be ready this time and convert my 2 element 20M yagi into either a 2 element coil loaded 30M yagi or a 30M Moxon. The Moxon should be easier because I would have the width and only have to add about 5′ to the boom.

I’d also use aluminum refridgerator line or solid stock to simply add the side parts and get some thin fiberglass for the gaps. I could do all the work with a ladder on my deck.

I’ve heard that this bottom will be longer than last, and so all of the action will be on the low bands.

One interesting thing is that 3Y0Z is getting a respite from the drop in Cycle 24 with that little “knee”. Wow, that’s huge luck for sure. Ironically, I expect 2018 to see a precipitous drop, and some say we will hit bottom in 2019.

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